I have 27 years of Corporate experience in Finance and Human Resources in large global organizations, achieving success at a senior level in the City of London. I have experienced so much in business, and from a personal perspective there isn’t much life hasn’t thrown at me. I have travelled the world, worked in different countries and encountered many cultures.

After taking further accreditation in coaching, I am now using my experience to coach individuals who are facing transformation in their lives, high potentials in mid career and teams within the Corporate arena.

Integrity and authenticity are important to me. I work with those who have the courage to realize their own potential and are willing dig deep to make change happen. I work resolutely to be that coach that enables the transformational change that clients seek – so they achieve the potential they never knew they had.

What to expect from Jayne:-

  • Gaining insight into how you ‘tick’
  • Working through your motivations
  • Assessing your capabilities
  • Applying real-world practice
  • Results focussed approach, promotion of accountability
  • Respect and empathy for the individual, with just the right amount of challenge! Confidentiality
  • Adherence to the ICF Code of Ethics