The Detangler

Jayne Robinson

I am a coach for individuals who are committed to digging deep to make positive changes in their lives. You may want to ‘be your best’, look for a change in direction, location, look to return to the workplace, or search for that next opportunity.

  • I help people process what’s going on in their lives and many of the techniques and tools used in the coaching process are scientifically proven to reduce stress.
  • I help people find their own resilience and capacity, even when the external landscape can’t be changed.
  • I help people get unstuck and move out of fixed patterns or mindsets.
  • I help people make transformational change, so they achieve the potential they never knew they had, and ultimately perform at their best authentic self.

Where I can help now:

People are thinking about purpose and meaning as a result of this crisis. Coaching can help us powerfully reflect on what we are learning about ourselves so that we do not lose what we have learned. As a result of the tough times we are going through, there is a high probability that this will lead to permanent changes and it will not get back to ‘business as usual’. Coaching is one of the best ways to enable people to navigate change and have an impact of what their future looks like. Many people will be using this opportunity to make major life and work changes and working with a coach is a great way to help you work through it all.

The small amount invested in coaching during a crisis will pay off in terms of larger gains.

Giving managers and leaders coaching provides a noticeable ripple effect. Research shows that leaders have a significant impact on the “weather” of their organization. When they are calm, emotionally regulated, thoughtful, and patient, those around them feel more able to respond more thoughtfully as well.

At times like these it’s critical to retain top talent. Coaching helps develop people’s leadership strengths and confidence, and is also a proven retention strategy.

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